Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to organizing a fashion show - some hints and tips

How to organizing a fashion show - some hints and tips

One Source Talent Fashion shows are fun and creative way of highlighting some of the ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry. There is a Lot to be considered so it is well worth planning ahead.

Organising a fashion show can be very time consuming and there is a great deal of hard work involved. However, on the day, when The buzz and excitement of the show take over, it is all worthwhile. Highlighting some of the problems within the industry is also an extremely valuable thing to do.

Whether you want to concentrate on child labour, environmental damage,workers rights or recycling there are a lot of issues to Address. It is not a task for one person alone, but for a team.

In the fashion industry shows tend not to last more than half an hour. Your show can be as long or as short as you feel is appropriate. Take into consideration the amount of models you have, the number of outfits you are showing, other entertainment you are having and the number of people you expect to be in the audience.

If you want dance routines, live music or an art exhibition to be part of your event – feel free. Be as creative as you like with the format of a catwalk show. This pack will provide you with a rough checklist of things to consider as well as creative ideas about the content and some tips to get you started.

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