Saturday, 15 June 2013

One Source Talent Says What to expect at the American Girl Fashion Show Model Auditions

One Source Talent Says What to expect at the American Girl Fashion Show Model Auditions

One Source Talent Says, What to wear girls in Model Fashion Show Audition?
Girls should wear what they want. Some girls wear American Girl outfits if they have them, others come in their team uniforms, blue jeans, sweats, dresses etc.! Anything goes...we just ask that you keep in mind that we need to be able to get accurate measurements OVER their clothing. Wear slip-on/off shoes so we can measure height with no shoes.

One Source Talent Says, What to bring?
A front-facing, color picture we can keep. Do we need to own an American Girl Doll or clothing? NO, we loan the dolls and outfits that the models will use in the show. This should be a FUN experience for you and your little girl!!
1. You will arrive at the Toyota location you selected as your audition location.
2. Please arrive on time. There is no need to arrive early.
3. Check in at the "Registration" table where you will pick up the "Model Application" generated from the registration form you completed online prior to scheduling your audition.
4. You will be asked to complete some additional information on this form upon arrival.
5. Please bring a small (no larger than 4"x6") front-facing, color photo of your little girl which we will staple to her "Model Application". Photos will NOT be returned.
6. There is a space on the form where you will be asked which shows you are available to model in if selected. Girls model in only ONE show and we do our best to accommodate your first or second choice but it is not guaranteed.
7. If you have friends or relatives you would like to model with, please coordinate the show choice information with them prior to your audition so your forms match up. You will be asked to put their names on your application and they need to put your name on their application. We ALWAYS keep siblings together in the same show and we do our best to coordinate friends in the same show but we can not always guarantee this.
8. Girls will be taken in a group to the measuring stations where we will measure height, chest and waist. We will also record eye color and hair color.
9. Girls and families will then be seated in a group to watch a short video about the Aubrey Rose Foundation, meet Aubrey's parents and find out more about the event and next steps.
10. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, peruse the merchandise table & test drive a new Toyota for a chance to win tickets to the show!

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